Procedures and Guidance

The SCJC operates under a set of documents which govern and guide the decisions made by the Council and its members and ensures that an open, transparent and accountable framework is in place.

The Standing Orders govern how the SCJC and its Committees are run. It details how votes should be taken, the powers of the Chair and members' code of conduct.

The Publication Scheme provides guidance on the handling of information under section 23 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

The Records Management Plan describes the practice which the SCJC follows in connection with the keeping, management and destruction of its records.  Under the data protection law you are entitled to obtain certain personal information that an organisation holds about you.  For further information, please see the SCTS Privacy Notice

The Expenses Scheme details what Council members and Committee members are entitled to claim for costs associated with Council business. The expenses claim form, and the bank details form are both completed by members when submitting an expenses claim.