Withdrawal of agents & Judicial Review

Jun 15, 2017

New Rules place additional requirements on agents who withdraw from acting for a party and allows the Court to call on the party to inform it of whether they intend to go ahead with their case.

The Act also makes adjustments to the judicial review rules after the Council assessed how the new procedures for judicial review were operating.

The Judicial Review Rules were introduced in September 2015 and the Council’s Rules Rewrite Committee (RRC) carried out the major review. 

The RRC gathered feedback and statistical information from court users, judges and the Offices of the Court of Session to make a number of proposals designed to improve the overall judicial review process. The changes were approved by the Council at its meeting on 29 May 2017.

The Act of Sederunt will come into force on 17 July.


Providing Feedback

The SCJC welcomes feedback on any aspect of court rules.

Please email your comments to the Secretariat scjc@scotcourts.gov.uk