Act of Sederunt (Sheriff Court Rules Amendment) (Miscellaneous) 2015

Dec 22, 2015

Having approved draft rules submitted to it by the Scottish Civil Justice Council, the Court of Session made the above Act of Sederunt on 11 December 2015.

The Act of Sederunt amends the Ordinary Cause Rules 1993 in implementation of the Section 16 Enterprise Act 2002 Regulations 2015 to allow for the transfer of certain cases to the Competition Appeal Tribunal for the sheriff court.

It also amends the Act of Sederunt (Child Care and Maintenance Rules) 1997 in consequence of the coming into force of section 44A of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 and the Secure Accommodation (Scotland) Amendment (No 2) Regulations 2015. The scope of Chapter 3 of the Rules has been widened so as to apply to appeal under section 44A.

It comes into force on 1 February 2016.


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