Royal Assent for Courts Reform (Scotland) Act

Nov 12, 2014

New legislation to reform Scotland’s civil courts system has received Royal Assent. 

The Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, which broadly implements recommendations made by Lord Gill as part of the Scottish Civil Courts Review, will change the procedures and processes to improve the structure and operation of Scotland’s courts.

The reforms include the redistribution of civil business from the Court of Session to the sheriff courts, with the increase from £5000-£100,000 of the privative jurisdiction of the sheriff court. 

The changes also include the creation of new judicial offices of summary sheriff and appeal sheriff, the creation of a Sheriff Appeal Court, and the establishment of a new specialist personal injury court with a Scotland-wide jurisdiction. 

The Act will be supported by the introduction of simplified procedures with an emphasis on making court rules accessible to all court users.  

The Lord President, Lord Gill said: “These reforms will safeguard the integrity of Scots law by creating an efficient court structure. Every case will be heard by the appropriate court. The system will be accessible and cost effective for the litigant.  

“My colleagues and I in the Review Team are particularly grateful to the Scottish Parliament for having passed into law almost all of our recommendations.”



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